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Expose a method to wrap an html element with inputed element

Exposes a window function wrapElement(element, tag). The first parameter is either a DOM Node, or a selector string, and the second parameter is the tag name for the wrapping element. Implementation by gkatsev.

Wrap element method demo

// wrapelement.js // // Wrap a given element in a given type of element // wrapElement('.foo', 'h1'); // wrapElement(document.querySelector('#bar'), 'div'); // // LICENSE: [MIT]( (function () { window.wrapElement = function (el, whatToWrapIn) { var newParent = document.createElement(whatToWrapIn), oldParent, nextSibling; if (typeof el === 'string') { el = document.querySelector(el); } oldParent = el.parentNode; nextSibling = el.nextSibling; newParent.appendChild(el); if (nextSibling) { oldParent.insertBefore(newParent, nextSibling); } else { oldParent.appendChild(newParent); } } })();
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